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by on Apr 12, 2012

Get the Look: Bold Brows



Bold brows are in. Over the past several seasons we’ve seen an increase of this look on the runway and on celebs. Most designers make their bold brows VERY bold, like this look featured at Derek Lam, but don’t worry, there’s a way for you to pull off the bold brow without looking like you’ve taken a sharpie to your face. Here’s a few tips.

Leave them alone – This one applies to those that over tweeze or over wax their brows. I know it’s hard, but step away from the tweezers. To get the look you’ve got to let your brows grow in.

Shape them up – To groom your brows try this trick: First fill in your brows to the shape that you like, then tweeze any hairs outside of the outline you’ve drawn. This will prevent you from over tweezing or misshaping your brows.

Pencil in – The two most popular options for filling in brows are pencil and powder. Using pencil gives you more control, allowing you to draw individual hairs which results in a more natural look.

Match up – Try to make sure your brows match. If you are unsure, use Anastasia Soare’s clever trick and throw on a pair of sunglasses, If only one arch peeks out you have a little more work to do.

Highlight – Finish off by adding a bit of bronzer or highlighter underneath your arch and on the highest part of your brow bone. This brightens your eyes and balances your newly full brows beautifully.

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  • Jesus-in-the-City


    Great advice!

    I have pretty bold brows naturally, but I notice as I get older, they’re thinning out! I also pluck pretty regularly, not a ton, but a little bit, so maybe I will hold off and see how they grow in.

    I am super self conscious about a strong brow because I feel like they look like they are going to practically jump off my face, but sort of Joan Crawford cool at the same time… Definitely a great way to embolden a look!