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by on Jul 19, 2012

Meet Katiana


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Meet my friend Katiana.  She’s one of the healthiest people I know.  It’s funny how things go full circle because she often tells me I was part of her inspiration for going natural but when my hair became damaged from heat styling and I had to BC again, she was the one who inspired me because her hair was so healthy.  It reminded me of what my hair’s potential and it gave me the motivation to BC again and grow out the halo I missed so much.  Thanks Kat! Check out her interview below. 

· How long have you been natural and what was your inspiration for doing so?
I’ve been natural for about three years however I have done a big chop twice and a cut once.  I was a little scissors happy in my first year. No regrets though, I had to learn!

· Did you have the support of your family and friends or were you met with a little resistance?

My family was actually very apprehensive.  When I was showing interest in going natural my older brother was was like “don’t do it”.  My mom was indifferent. But ironically after my big chop I was getting tons of compliments from the very same people.  I actually did the chop while visiting my girlfriend in ATL and her guy friend who I was kicking it with wasn’t a fan of my post chop look.

· What is your current regimen and favorite products?

    If I’m killing it in the gym I rinse my hair with just water every 3 days or if I’m being lazy I wash it once a week.  Every other week I do wash with a clay mask followed with an apple cider rinse. I try to deep condition with my Huetiful Hair steamer when I have time but I’ll be honest, it’s not often. I am honestly not a fan of naturals that advocate washing hair once a month.  It simply doesn’t make sense to wash everywhere else on your body twice a day but not your HAIR!  I live in the dirtiest city, New York.  My favorite product are Terresentials Hair wash, it’s the truth! Shea butter and coconut oil are really gods gift to people. I don’t use shea butter in the summertime because it melts instead I use Kinky Curly’s Curling Custard. I rock both

· How would you describe your hair?

My hair is very kinky and most likely 4b.  It also has a mind of it own so I let her do her thang.

· What has been the best part of being natural?   What has been the most difficult part?

I feel whole since going natural. It may sound crazy but I felt like a part of me was missing.  What’s most difficult is finding time to do your hair, which I’m working on because it’s important to want to spend time on yourself.

· I know you have been a raw vegan for some time now and you love it. What made you choose that lifestyle and how has it changed your life/ health? 

I eat cooked food from time to time because I missed the grain! Quinoa is a good source of protein for me. I eat about 80 percent raw and 20 percent cooked.   I’m still a ride to die vegan.  As a teen I learned early on I performed better as an athlete when I didn’t eat meat.  My mother is also very health conscious so she was on board when I told her I was going vegan.  I feel great all of the time, look young and I love vegetables so it’s just easy.  I advise all naturals to drink lots of water and exercise, you hair will thank you! A tip on learning to be healthy is to read about it.  Know the effects the food you put in your mouth has on your body.  A lot of people are in the dark and wonder why they have health problems.

· The NYC dating scene can be impossible at times.  Has being natural changed your love life or the type of guy that approaches you?    

Being natural has changed my love life for the better but I really think that comes from the newfound confidence I have with my hair natural.   I experience a lot of hair smelling and touching, which I actually don’t mind.  Some naturals don’t like their hair being touched but from the right person it can be a bonding experience.

· If you were forced to use only three hair products for the rest of your life, but could have an unlimited supply of all three, which would you choose? 

Terresentials Hair Wash, Shea butter & Henna. That’s all this girl needs.

· Anything else you’d like to say or anything else you want people to know?

When I first became natural I was on the product junky bandwagon but I learned that most of those products deliver the same results.  I am very grateful for the YouTube gurus of the natural hair world but it was a bit time consuming watching their video…plus they all seemed to start talking about their personal lives which I have absolute no interest in, sorry!  Keep it about hair.  Another thing I wanted was to separate myself from is becoming length obsessed; I had to change my focus to just aiming for healthy hair.  I’m so surprised women of color are not embracing the shorter look; I mean we have the highest cheekbones. I plan to grow my hair long but most likely will cut it off when I become a mommy or something.


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