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by on Sep 03, 2012

My Favorite Textured Hair Looks From The S/S 2013 NY Show Packages

It’s that time! The runway shows are here and I must admit, half of me misses the lights and excitement of fashion week while the other half of me kicks up on the couch and enjoys the luxury of being able to eat and sleep with ease for the next few weeks. However, try and try as though I might, I just can’t stay away! I took a look at all the S/S 2013 NY show packages on and picked out my favorite textured hair pics. Strait hair is considered more edgy, so finding models with curly/textured hair on their show cards wasn’t easy. Although some of the looks are clearly wigs or hair pieces, I like that they are ‘natural’ inspired. Here are my faves:


  • Ataui Deng. Trump Models
  • Sabibi. Fusion Models
  • Shanina Shaik. Next Model Management
  • Nana. Muse Models
  • Crystal Noreiga. Elite Direct
  • Ashane. Muse Models
  • Pilar. S Models
  • Ajak Deng. IMG
  • Samira. Ford Models
  • Ludmilla Perignon. Soul Artist
  • Maluca Mala. Request
  • Ingrid. VNY
  • Lindsey Wixson. Marilyn
  • Cora. Ford Women


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