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by on Sep 11, 2012

Black Girls Run! (Do You?)



You know what they say, black girls don’t run unless they’re being chased. Yes it’s silly, but it really is a wide spread stereotype. Thankfully, Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks have kicked that myth to the curb by starting Black Girls Run!

The dynamic duo started Black Girls Run! in 2009 as a way to document and support their own running experiences. Today, it has grown into a national movement that inspires black women to run and be fit. The two power a runner’s central type of website that includes product reviews, running meet-up locations, and runner spotlights.

It’s nice to see black women taking charge of their health, especially at a time when the obesity epidemic is hitting communities of color the hardest. Nearly four out of five black women are obese and there’s a slew of health problems and chronic diseases that come along with that. Considering that unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyles only add to the problem, it looks like the Black Girls Run! movement is a step, hop, or run in the right direction.

Benefits Of Running:  

Improves Health – Running is a good way to improve overall health. It raises good cholesterol, boost the immune system, increases lung function, and reduces your risk of developing blood clots.

Prevent Disease – For women running can actually help lower your risk of breast cancer. It also reduces the chance of suffering a stroke or heart attack.

Lose Weight  - It’s one of the best ways to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Plus there’s no need for an expensive gym membership!

Relieve Stress - Stress is the cause of many health issues. Running exerts excess energy and hormones in a beneficial way. It can also help reduce the chances of tension headaches.

Eliminate Depression – I know it sounds crazy because running is the last thing you want to do when you’re depressed. However, after just a few minutes of the activity your brain secretes hormones that start to improve your mood. In fact, there are few things in the world that can more rapidly treat depression than exercise such as running.

Boost Confidence – Sometimes it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Although you physical change will be quite noticeable to others, the boost to your self-esteem and confidence is priceless.



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