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by on Oct 05, 2012

Honey Sugar Lip Scrub



Can I share a secret with you? One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing people with crusty lips. I know that sounds bad to say but it’s true! Take me for instance, I have full lips and it drives me nuts when they get dry and start peeling.

Lips are a major part of your face. Make sure they are smooth, moisturized, and ready for some weekend smooches by giving them a gentle scrub. With only two ingredients this lip scrub is extremely easy to make. It exfoliates and softens lips, leaving them feeling like new!

What You Need:

1/2 tsp of honey

1/2 tsp of sugar

It’s not necessary but it may be helpful to warm the honey for a few seconds to make it easier to mix. Add it to the sugar and stir/mix until you get a nice consistency. Larger grains of sugar (like Sugar In The Raw or brown sugar) will create a more intense exfoliating scrub. Smaller grained sugars (like refined white sugars) will create a more gentle scrub.

Apply the mixture to your lips and scrub in gentle small circular motions. The objective is to remove only the dead skin, avoid scrubbing so hard that you remove new healthy skin too. After scrubbing, rinse off with warm water or wipe off with a clean wash cloth.

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    Crusty, chapped or cracked lips describes the condition of the skin of the lips. It is a commonly seen condition that most people suffer from time to time