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by on Jan 22, 2013

Tifani Jai

Meet Tifani, a hairstylist from Louisiana that loves all things fashion and hair. Although she creates a multitude of looks for her clients, this naturalista rocks her own hair in a unique way that’s all her own. 

Hi! Tell me a little about your hair and your regimen. 

My hair is about a 4A/B and it is super thick. I shampoo my hair once a week (yes, once a week my hair is spoiled and loves to be pampered) lol because I shampoo my hair as often as I do, I have to do a deep condition every week to bring back the the necessary amount of moisture that my hair needs. I usually shampoo my hair on Mondays and I twist my hair into small/medium twist with Shea Moisture as well as coconut oil. I untwist my hair on Friday so I can rock my kinky-coily fro for the weekend. Once Monday comes I do it all over again.

What inspired you to go natural? Did you transition or big chop right away? 

I took a trip to NY to visit a friend and saw one of her friends wearing natural hair. Her hair was pretty much the same texture as mine and was absolutely gorgeous, she owned the look and represented it well. From that day forward I became highly interested in natural hair. I researched information on natural hair and followed a lot of naturals on YouTube so after a year of transitioning I finally made the decision to do the big chop. It was the best hair decision I’ve ever made. My hair is now more versatile than it’s ever been and I simply adore it.

What did everyone think when you decided to go natural? Did you have the support of your husband, friends, and family? 

I definitely had a lot of support from my husband as well as my son. My husband loves to see me in my natural state. No weaves, makeup, etc. He says that I’m beautiful without it so hearing that during my transitioning phase was very warming. My friends were a big support for the most part because they were looking for something new. I had been consistently wearing extensions for over two years so they were very excited to something different.  My friend that lives in NY friend that I recently spoke about, was definitely a big help. Once I did my big chop I was completely lost. However, she was a great help by giving tips and advice. Even though I AM a hairstylist, natural hair is like none other. It takes a different kind of TLC.

What’s you’re go-to hairstyle and favorite hair products? 

My go to hairstyle would definitely be a flexi-rod set. It stretches my curls while leaving my hair super soft, and it looks amazing! It’s actually the ONLY hairstyle that lasts me over a week and still looks as if I am fresh out of the salon! My favorite products Shea Moisture, Pureology hydrating conditioner, and coconut oil.


Any advice for newbies or would-be naturals? 

My advice to anyone that’s going natural is to stay focused on the end result and not what it takes for you to get to the end result. Be courageous, be strong, and be confident!

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