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by on Jan 26, 2013

Natural Beauty: Hair & Fashion Inspiration From Esperanza Spalding

Grammy award winning singer, Esperanza Spalding, has exploded onto the scene in the past couple of years. You no longer have to be a jazz aficionado to know who her name. You just have to be interested in anything related to music, fashion, or natural hair! Check out this beautiful spread she did for Spain’s S Moda Magazine.

I love that they didn’t use her hair as a reason to do some kind of predictable hobo-chic vibe. She looks stunning in the long daringly low-cut gowns yet powerful in the structured coat. Every picture was equally flawless. And since pictures say 1000 words, a few that come to mind while looking at these are: radiant, playful, feminine, whimsical, quirky, strong, and natural! My next hair goal is to have a ‘fro like that!

Have you ever heard Esperanza Spalding’s music? She’s very talented. What do you think of her spread in S Moda Magazine? 


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