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by on Aug 01, 2013

Is There a Natural Way to Permanently Straighten Hair?

Is there an all-natural way to straighten or release the coils/kinks from highly textured hair? The short answer is no. But there are several product companies out there that prey on women who want to think otherwise.

Relaxers have been around for longer than you have. Didn’t you see Denzel getting that “conk” in the Malcom X movie? And even though not many improvements have been made to the formula since then, there’s a reason why the stuff is still around. There is no other way to achieve such a crazy goal – permanently changing or altering one’s natural hair texture.

Thankfully, the natural hair movement is is full effect and ladies no longer feel the need to hide their natural hair. Still, that hasn’t stopped product companies from preying on women who secretly wish their hair wasn’t so tightly coiled, kinky or shrunken.

I recently came across a product claiming to be an “all-natural” coconut cream hair straightener. Many conditioners also claim to have straightening effects on naturally curly hair. Not to mention the countless balms, creams and concoctions promising to loosen tight coils and magically transform shrunken afro hair into a wavy wonder. It may seem that these products are working to loosen your curl pattern at first, but remember that water quenches thirsty hair and gives it weight, pulling your coils and curls downward. The products simply coat your strands with conditioners and oils that prolong the effect.

Also, beware of any product that claims to “straighten” or ‘loosen” your natural hair texture in any way. Even if you haven’t mastered the art of managing your natural hair texture yet, you’ve already started your journey toward having beautiful, vibrant, healthy hair. Don’t throw it all away in a misguided effort to change your curl pattern. Instead, embrace your natural hair and try to learn more about how to care for it, style it and understand it better than ever before.


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