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by on Aug 02, 2013

5 Easy Steps to Better Looking Hair

We all have those moments when we just can’t get our hair to act right or look right. Sometimes the solution can be simple, like getting a trim. Other times, it’s even smaller changes that can make a big difference. If you’re having problems with dull, dry or lifeless hair, these tips may help you see the changes in your tresses that you’ve been looking for.

Five Tips for Better Looking Hair

1. Find the right shampoo method for you. Some naturals can shampoo everyday with great results, while others avoid shampoo all together because it dries their hair out. Shampoo can strip hair of its natural oils which only adds to problems with dryness and tangles. Sulfate free shampoos are more gentle on hair and scalp than traditional shampoos. Other alternatives are low-poo shampoos, cleansing creams and co-washing. When shampooing, I find it helpful to dilute a bit of shampoo in a spray bottle or applicator bottle. I then use the pointed tip of the applicator to gain easier access to my roots. If I’ve used a spray bottle then I simply spray the diluted mixture onto my roots in sections.

2. Never Underestimate the power of water. Your hair loves water. It thrives when given water on a regular basis. If your hair is dry or breaking or damaged, water isn’t the problem. It’s part of the solution. Before shampooing or co-wasing your hair, always do a prolonged rinse with water only. When combined with the agitation of your hands or the shower, warm water breaks up much of the dirt and residue lingering on your tresses. When you finally add your cleanser, you won’t need nearly as much of it to get your hair clean.

3. Deep Condition Regularly. Opinions vary on whether or not deep conditioners actually have the ability to penetrate all that deeply. However, those with thick, coarse, dry or damaged hair know how much of a difference a good deep treatment can make. It coats the hair shaft and locks in moisture, which leaves hair softer, more moisturized and less frizzy.

4. No more towel drying, it does nothing for your hair. Well, nothing good anyway. Try shaking or squeezing the excess water from your hair then place a towel around your shoulders to collect the dripping water. Another alternative is drying with a clean cotton tee-shirt. It’s absorbent without being rough like a towel. Gently squeeze your hair in sections with the tee-shirt to help dry.

5. Beware of drying styling products. I can’t tell you how many YouTube videos I’ve watched were the first step involves applying a palm full of gel. We all love curl definition, but avoid gels and hairsprays that have a high alcohol content, which will only have a drying effect on the hair you’ve just worked so hard to cleanse and deep condition.




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