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by on Aug 17, 2013

Dark Skin Red Lip Project

It’s amazing how powerful words are. Movements and conversations that reach around the world are now started with 150 characters or less. In the past week, Twitter has been taken over with politically and emotionally charged responses to hashtags that sparked debates about feminism and sexism. But one of the trending topics that stood out for me is #DarkGirlRedLip because it inspires women of color to be more confident in who they are and how they look. It also started a much needed dialogue about a beauty issue faced by many women with dark skin.

Karyn Washington, founder of For Brown Girls, is the brainchild behind this social media movement which aims to stop the stigma dark girls face when they wear red lipstick. So she started the #DarkSkinRedLip Project, an ongoing online campaign that seeks to disprove stereotypes and build self-esteem.

As a child I somehow got the impression that black women shouldn’t wear red lipstick because our lips are too big, which is ironic because now people pay big bucks to get fuller lips. In an effort to change these kinds of attitudes, the project encourages brown/chocolate/dark girls to send a photo of themselves wearing red lipstick to Include your name, state and the brand or name of lipstick. You can also support the cause by posting the hashtag #DarkSkinRedLip with a picture of yourself rocking the bold lip color on your social media accounts.



Do you think social media campaigns like this can change the way people think? Or are negative attitudes toward the issue too deeply rooted for it to have an impact?



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