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by on Aug 28, 2013

H&M Features Beautiful Kids With Natural Hair In Ads

Have you seen H&M’s recent back-to-school ad campaign? I am absolutely in love with it. Why? Because it features a diverse group of children, all with amazing natural hair! While the mega retailer often uses celebrities and top models for its advertising campaigns, it’s not often that we see H&M accept/promote/embrace the beauty of natural hair in such a bold way.

To be fair, I noticed other retailers like K-Mart airing commercials that featured kids of various races rapping while sitting at the back of the school bus and doing “yo momma” jokes. One of these ads showed a girl in her pre-teens or early teens rocking box braids (with a few blonde or red braids thrown in there.) However, these two marketing strategies are worlds apart because H&M’s back-to-school ads are so well done, the kids are shown in a much more positive and fashion forward light. Despite the fact that their children’s clothes are in the same price range, H&M has managed to put forth more high quality (and high class) image of the children involved. Maybe it’s because there wasn’t any finger snapping or neck rolling involved. Either way I applaud H&M for finding the cutest freaking kids ever and featuring them in all their natural glory.


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