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by on Sep 23, 2013

5 Ways You Know Natural Hair Has Taken Over Your Life



Going natural is fun, freeing and empowering, but it seems like some women let it completely take over their lives. It’s no secret that the ladies of #TeamNatural love to love our hair. So, it’s only natural to enjoy caring for it and talking about it with other women who understand. However, there’s a fine line between loving your natural hair and allowing your love for it to take over your life. Not sure if this applies to you? Here are five ways to tell if your natural hair is taking over your life.



Your Natural Hair is Taking Over Your Life If:

Maintaining your hair takes up all your time – I’m all for a healthy hair regimen, but if your obsession with pre-poos and deep treatments is taking up full days and preventing you from doing things you love then you might be letting your natural hair take over your life. Sure, natural hair requires some tlc, but when other areas of your life began to suffer (school, work, kids, relationships) then it’s time to strike a new balance.

You judge people who aren’t natural  – Most of us with natural hair had relaxed hair at some point and were perfectly happy with it at the time. It’s a woman’s right to choose what she wants to do with her hair, even if that means relaxing it. Just because we go hard for #TeamNatural doesn’t give anyone the right to be condescending to women who use relaxers or straighten their hair with heat.

You’re too caught up in “types” - Hair typing systems can be useful, especially when figuring out what products or techniques work for your hair, but it’s not necessary to throw the terms “4c“, “4a” or “3c” around everytime you talk hair. Don’t let yourself become so obsessed with hair “types” that it skews your view of natural hair in general. Otherwise, you might find yourself being  unhappy with your hair type or acting like others aren’t “natural enough” because of their hair type.

It’s breaking the bank - You can’t spend money on every new product or gadget that promises to whip your hair into picture-perfect curls. Well, you can, but eventually you’re going to run out of money! Product companies spend big bucks trying to figure out what false promises or celeb endorsements will make you buy their product. It’s their job to make it look and sound good. It’s our job to avoid falling for it. While it sure is tempting, you really don’t have to own every new product, gizmo, or accessory marketed toward natural hair.

It dominates your social life social circle –  Just because you’re natural doesn’t mean your hair has to define you. Natural hair does not have to dominate your conversation, determine your friends or dictate your social life. It’s not all you have to offer, it’s just another cool thing about you.

Do you think there is such a thing as letting natural hair take over your life? Why or why not? 



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