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by on Oct 04, 2013

Why Do People Love To Hate Makeup?

Makeup plays a major role in the everyday lives of most women. Some ladies prefer for their makeup to look barely there, while others love the drama of a bold lip or smokey eye. Regardless of your preference, there’s no denying that artfully applied makeup can work wonders.


As a model I know first hand that makeup can make a huge difference in the way a woman looks and feels. When I work with a talented makeup artist I go from looking like, well, me, to looking like some unknown creature with amazing bone structure. Break outs and blemishes disappear before my eyes and I’m ready to conquer the world in a killer pair of heels! So I reiterate that I have the utmost respect for makeup and makeup artist.

However, not everyone shares my opinion. The before and after photos shown above were posted on Reddit yesterday. The pictures drew some harsh criticism and sparked a debate about women using makeup to enhance or change their features. It’s hard to deny that the woman in the picture looks different with makeup, but is that such a bad thing?

Some Reddit users criticized the woman’s somber expression while others praised the talented makeup artist responsible for her transformation. Not surprisingly, some of the men complained that you can’t trust a woman’s looks or know what you’re really getting. While¬†some of the women pointed out the fact that makeup allows a woman to look on the outside how she¬†feels on the inside. You can read the comments here, although some aren’t very nice.

Essence online also did a recent feature showcasing some of Instagram’s most talented makeup artist and the before and after pictures they post to their accounts. What’s nice is that the tone of the Essence post is totally positive. The magazine’s readers seem to respect and admire a woman who cleans up nicely. One of the many photos featured in that post is shown below. To see more amazing makeup transformations, check out the entire post here.

What’s your take on it? Is makeup a useful tool for enhancing your looks or does it give a false impression to one’s self and others? Why do you think Essence readers are more supportive of it than Reddit readers?


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  • AliceinNappyland

    I think makeup is an extremely useful tool. It’s purpose is to enhance and transform you into whatever (or whomever) you want to be. As a result, I don’t think it gives a false impression, if anything, it gives you a stronger and possibly even truer sense of who someone is/stands for because it’s something they’re choosing to do to/for themselves.

  • TP

    Makeup itself isn’t bad, but I hate the fact that some women pile it on saying that they ‘NEED IT.’ I think if you’re going to wear makeup, the first step is appreciating how you REALLY look. I can’t stand anyone who is so insecure about their bare face that they never want anyone visiting them when they’re home without makeup, or see them when they go to bed. We are all beautiful (on the outside, inside is a different story). We live in a world where everyone has a wide variety of ideals and preferences, so there’s always going to be people who think you look good, and people who think you don’t. And if someone thinks you’re unattractive, you should never let it bother you.

    And what I hate even more is that there are some women out there who scorn you for NOT wearing makeup! Goodness, it’s a choice, not a damn law! I love my bare face and while I do wear makeup on special occasions, I would never wear it everyday because I want everyone to know what I really look like and that I’m happy to look this way.

  • Sarah Henderson

    A little belated, but here is my two cents: I don’t wear make up. I think I have two pictures of me ever wearing make up- only eye liner and shadow for a theme night at a dance club. My mother and grandmother also do not wear make up. It probably goes back further as well. Do I think I am some sort of amazing goddess that looks like a print ad model when I roll out of bed? No, of course not. But I don’t think I look half bad, I am too lazy to do make up regularly, I don’t see how a lot could possibly be good for your skin/health, saves me time everyday (no putting on or removing- I can be ready in under two minutes) and I like the idea of being able to say to someone “I look the same no matter what time of day it is.” That being said, I have nothing against anyone who chooses to wear make up. I know everyone says “learn to love yourself first!” “Don’t let other’s get you down!”, but if for example you have a blemish covering 1/5 of your face you may want to just cover it sometimes and look “normal” instead of having people stare. As long as you don’t get self righteous about other people not wearing make up, wearing make up and the type/style of make up they wear (Yes, in some places/minds, 80′s is still the style), I don’t mind you.