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by on Oct 21, 2013

Dark and Lovely (Paris)

On set with my stand-in/ body double


Paris is one of my favorite places in the world so last week was quite nice because not only did I get to hang out in one of my favorite cities, I was also shooting with a lovely client – Dark and Lovely.

Beauty customs and preferences often vary from country to county. While researching the needs of their customers Dark and Lovely realized women in Africa usually add oil to their lotion in order to get the moisturizing benefits they want. (I add oil to my lotion all the time, especially during winter.) So I was in Paris shooting a commercial was for the new Dark and Lovely body lotion. The lotion is launching in Africa and contains the perfect harmony of moisturizers and oils to keep skin soft and smooth.

We all know that skin bleaching has become increasingly popular in many African and Caribbean countries. With brand names like “Fair and White”¬†dominating the beauty market, I love the idea that Dark and Lovely will be filling a gap in the market while also promoting positive images about the beauty of brown skin.

They gave me braids for the shoot. (I admit, my afro would have been a little distracting if the focus is skin.) And I got to shoot with some very cute French babies. Although the commercial won’t be airing in the states I will try my best to get the finished cut so we can all see the final results!

I posted some “behind the scenes” videos of my dressing room and the set¬†on Instagram.





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  • shelly7rox

    That’s too cool! It’s amazing to see a natural model making it big in a predominately straight haired-fair skinned industry like modeling-You are blessed!! Keep it up! :D
    P.S. why do you need a stand in body double for the commercial?