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by on Oct 29, 2013

The Photoshop & Filter War On Brown Skin

It’s a classic case of actions speaking louder than words. What good are the self-esteem boosting mantras we hear all the time like, “Black is beautiful” or “Black girls rock,” when Naomi Campbell, one of the most successful supermodels of all time, is photoshopped to look like a completely different person for the cover of Vogue magazine?

Campbell is the cover girl for Vogue Thailand’s November issue and it’s an interesting cover indeed. We all know and adore the supermodel for her leggy physique and skin the color of chocolate milk. However, the woman featured on this cover doesn’t look like Naomi Campbell at all, but instead some strange hybrid of her and a pretty Asian lady.

The most noticeable thing is the little fact that her skin has been lightened 50 shades of brown, but there’s also her nose. It has either been photo-chopped in half or just completely replaced with another persons nose. I won’t even comment on the bluish gray eyes.

What’s confusing is that this unnecessary photoshopped skin lightening happens to every woman of color that graces a major magazine cover, regardless of skin tone. Even celebs with already light skin are photoshopped to be even lighter like, Beyonce, Rihanna or Paula Patton. To be fair, magazines aren’t the only guilty offenders. Have you seen the way some people abuse the filters on Instagram?┬áSeriously, what’s up with this unhealthy obsession with being lighter? In reality Naomi is brown and that is beautiful. This light skinned stranger on the cover pales in comparison. (Get it?! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)



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  • Rachel

    Um yeah who is that?? If ppl didn’t buy magazines (like myself) they’d be forced to publish and sell what pleases the public, unfortunetly they already are

  • cb

    all I can say is…it’s Thailand, not surprised