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by on Nov 11, 2013

Ready For My Close Up

I say it often, I love my job. Modeling has opened doors to places I never thought I would see. But as much as I love my career, I also love a challenge. There is something rewarding about the idea or the challenge of taking on something new and vowing to continuously improve at it.

In a sense, modeling is my comfort zone. It’s all I know. It’s the only career or job I’ve had as an adult. I’m blessed. I’m also open to new pathways and possibilities. People sometimes ask me what I’m going to do “after” modeling. The question comes out in the same tone you use to ask a college junior what they plan to do after graduation.

I don’t think of it in terms of before and after. I simply believe that challenge brings growth and growth is always gratifying. It’s tempting to stay within the comfort zone of my modeling career where photographers are trained to yell “Yes!”,  ”Beautiful!”, “Gorgeous!” However, it’s refreshing and exciting to step outside of that zone and succeed at something new.

Since the movie is still filming I’m not sure how much I can say about it. However, I will tell you that it’s an independent film and I play the role of Casey, a model who is on the wrong path.

I’ll update you when filming wraps and a release date is set.


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  • cb

    continue to model till you are 100!

  • manny

    Go Hollis.