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by on Dec 03, 2013

My Birthday!

Wondering what’s up with my unexplained hiatus? Well, I hope you’ll be pleased to know that my absence has been in relation to all good things. In addition to landing and filming my first movie role, I’ve also shot some TV commercials, but most importantly I had a birthday!! I even decided to try a bigger and bolder hair look just for birthday kicks.

There’s no denying that aging is like the big bad wolf to women in the fashion and entertainment industry, even just the thought of it is enough to send some people out in search of the most expensive anti-aging products they can find. But I have enough faith and sense to know every birthday is a blessing. So, I took a little time out to celebrate it properly and it was absolutely amazing! Now, let’s see, where was I…Oh yes, coming back to the real world. 


Celebrating with Ariel Meredith (left) and Zuzana Gregorova (right)


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  • shelly7rox

    Happy Birthday!! :-D

  • cb

    Happy Birthday