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by on Dec 05, 2013

Is This Hair For Play or To Stay?

I recently did a hair change just for fun, nothing drastic or permanent. Just a lil something’ different to spice it up for my birthday. I still wanted my hair to look and be natural, but I decided to give corkscrew curls a test run. You know, the type of curl I had delusions of growing when I first went natural. Ha!


Right after getting extensions.


Of course I cleared it with my agent first and assured them that this hair change was only for some birthday fun and I would have the sew-in removed after about two weeks, but here is where things took a turn. 

I did indeed get the corkscrew curls I wanted to rock for my birthday and  I did indeed rock them to the fullest. But surprisingly, when I went to my agency to show my bookers what it looked like, they actually loved it! So now, they want me to keep this look for a while. I guess that’s not bad… it’s just unexpected. 

My shrunken, 3 day old twist-out, 1 day before extensions

I haven’t worn extensions in so long, it definitely feels a little weird to think this look might be sticking around for a while. Although I love the current look, I love my own natural hair too and even more, being able to touch my freakin’ scalp when I want to!

There’s no doubt that I make my own decisions, but when it comes to having a successful modeling career, it’s a team effort. It’s also important to be flexible or open minded (within reason) about how clients want to see you. I trust my agency and my team enough to value their ideas and opinions. So folks, it appears that what I thought was for play, is here to stay…at least until a client request I take it out.

What do you think? Do you like the new look? Do you think it can’t hurt to give it a try? Or do you prefer the look of my real hair? Be honest, but be nice!!! 





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  • loni

    You look beautiful. I do like your natural better though. I think you look younger. At least comparing the pics on this post. Happy Birthday! i just celebrated mine on the 2nd.

  • Rachel

    Love them both your hair and the sewin, your twist out is sooo you though. Happy Bday! Mine’s coming up on the 18th, December babies are the best! :-P

  • Hollis

    Thank you ladies! I too prefer my own twist out, like you said, it just feels soooo me. But I guess there’s nothing wrong with a little change though!

  • Irene

    I like the extensions. They look great on you. But there’s NOTHING better than being able to touch and feel YOUR hair.

  • Aliyah

    I have hair similiar to corkscrew curls but I don’t wear it like that I wear it in stretched styles to prevent tangles and see my length and I hate shrinkage .