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by on Dec 12, 2013

I Love Everything About This Pantene Ad and Here’s Why

It’s not often we see television commercials that inspire or empower us. For the most part companies use them as an opportunity to bombard us with images of food, cars, medicines and products that we neither want or need.

That is what makes Pantene’s latest ad campaign so powerful. Sure, the women featured all have healthy hair, (duh, it is Pantene) but the true focus of the commercial is a very empowering message.

The television spot highlights the fact that women are constantly held to an unfair and discriminatory double standard, especially in the business world. A high level male executive that demands the most of his employers is considered a great “Boss.” While a female executive with the same leadership style is likely to be called “Bossy.” See the (huge but very important) difference? Many women are natural born people pleasers. So when people say things about us, even if it is untrue or unfair, we tend to back down or modify ourselves for fear of being labeled as something negative.

The Pantene ad goes on to show two public speakers with similar speaking styles, but while the man is perceived as “persuasive,” the woman is perceived as “pushy.” Other scenarios are briefly shown in the commercial and all are spot-on.

I’ve never thought of myself as a feminist, but no matter where you stand on the feminist scale, there are certain facts that can’t be ignored. The very traits that are considered positive and admirable in men are usually considered negative in women. If a man is ambitious, dedicated, neat and charismatic, he’s considered the cream of the crop. If a woman has those same traits, she is perceived as a power hungry, selfish and vain witch. When will this ridiculous end? Now, with us and with the generations we inspire after us. So ladies, be fearless, don’t back down and WHIP that gorgeous natural hair!!!



It’s possible that this ad was inspired by “Lean In,” a book written by Sheryl Sandberg which later went on to inspire a full-fledged movement. To learn more about what it all means and how it applies to you, visit their web page. It has interesting articles written by and about women of all ethnic backgrounds.



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