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by on Jan 21, 2014

Black Box

Over the course of this week (and last week) I’m filming for a show called Black Box on ABC. I play the role of Kidada, a model who’s friend, Frankie, has a stroke while he’s doing her makeup on set. Kidada and another model, Cara, go to the doctor with Frankie to support him and get help.

I really wanted the role because: 1) I really like the name Kidada for some reason and 2) It’s on ABC! Even people without cable get channel 7!

The cast, crew, and costume department are an absolute pleasure to work with. But most of all, I was seriously amazed by my hairstylist, a blonde haired, blue eyed wonder that was fabulous with my natal hair! Yesterday I was shooting two different scenes. The first was the “photo shoot” where each model’s hair had to have a different shape. For this, she combed my hair out and shaped it like the pictures I posted. She knew exactly how to handle my hair without direction from me and was better than most of the black hairstylist I work with.

I’ll admit, I was a wee bit concerned because my second scene was a “model off-duty” look. I normally wear my hair in twist-outs and I doubted she would be able to pull that off. Imagine my surprise when she whipped my hair into two-strand twist and diffused it. I helped her twist since we had little time. After diffusing, I got my make-up done while it set.  She untwisted it and Kidada worked it!

I forgot to take pictures of the 2nd look. However, when I film more of that scene later this week, I’ll snap a few. I’m also going to ask her for a quick interview. Hey, you gotta give props (and honor) where it’s due, right? Oh! I also meet the face of “As I am” products, she was my stand-in on set and super sweet. I’ll make sure to get her name and a picture together too. Her natural is hair gorgeous! (See below.)

Okay peeps, that’s the update. I’ll let you know when my episode (#107) airs on ABC’s Black Box. 



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