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by on Jan 31, 2014

Haute Hightop



The high top fade – Anybody who’s lived long enough or watched “House Party” knows it was the official hairstyle of all 90′s fly guys. Now, women are rocking the look and wearing it well. 

There was a time when short, natural haircuts were viewed as masculine. But that’s a thing of the past. Women are wearing low cuts and rocking high top fades, while still managing to look fabulous and fiercely feminine.

On a recent shoot I was chatting with the assistant hairstylist. Her hair was in a freshly cut and colored hightop fade. It looked great on her. I asked her how she got up the courage to cut it since her hair was so long before. 

Like many women, she likes to change things up on occasion. As a hairstylist, she decided that she didn’t want to do her own hair and everyone else’s too. So she let her hair go. Anyone who’s done the big chop knows that feeling. It’s freeing. She also said that there are only two things a woman needs to pull off short hair: a good barber (or hairstylist) and confidence. 

I couldn’t agree more. While some women cut their hair often, others do the big chop in hopes that they will never do another one. Regardless of the reason for cutting it, there’s no denying that a woman with short hair exudes a certain sense of power and self-confidence. 

It’s a new year. Maybe a new look is just what you need! Join the ranks of women rocking short hair and become your own powerhouse. 





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