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by on Mar 13, 2014

Humidifier – The Answer to Better Skin, Hair and Health?

Extreme weather can have a direct effect on the condition of our skin, hair and body. This winter has been brutal for the Northeast United States. As if dredging through the continuous snow storms wasn’t enough, I started noticing a change in my hair and skin.

Sure, coming home to a toasty place feels great on a cold day. But I noticed my skin, hair and even nasal passages were feeling drier than usual. This was because the air in my apartment was also drier than usual. So, I invested in a humidifier and it has made all the difference!

Why Should You Own a Humidifier?


Beautiful Skin - If you have dry skin or experience problems with it during winter, try sleeping with a humidifier on through the night. In the morning, you will notice that your face looks more supple. Even your hands and lips will feel dry less dry and dehydrated.

Faster Healing - Colds, asthma, and allergies are common problem that can be helped by  humidifier. It keeps your nasal passages lubricated, which helps speed up the healing process when you’re under the weather. For people with bad allergies, some humidifiers are specially designed to purify the air as well.

Bye-Bye Dry Hair – Although my hair is healthy, it can be quite thirsty. I do lots of co-washing, conditioning treatments and oil treatments, etc. But during winter my strands need a little extra tlc. Getting humidifier made an instant difference in the way my curls feel every morning.

Relieve Sinus Problems – Adding humidity to the air is generally good for sinus health because when air is too dry, sinuses don’t drain and function properly, especially if you regularly suffer from congestion and sinusitis.

Nix The Nosebleeds – No one likes talking about it because nosebleeds can be embarrassing. But keeping your nasal passages moist and lubricated is essential in preventing nosebleeds. If you’re regularly experiencing nosebleeds due to dry climate, a humidifier could make a huge difference.

Decreased Snoring - Who ever heard of a “sexy snore?” Exactly! The moisture from a humidifier keeps the throat from drying out and relieves the intensity of that annoying snoring sound. If you or your partner is a snorer, investing in a humidifier could be a big help in making you both more comfortable at night.

*Helpful Hint - Do your research before you purchase a humidifier. Learn about the differences between warm and cool mist humidifiers so you can better choose the perfect humidifier to suit your  needs.

Source: Fit Sugar  



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