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I co-wrote a blog post for HuffPost!

Kinky Hair at the Life Ball In Vienna by Anthony Dickey I was very honored recently to be asked to go to Vienna to celebrate the infamous Life … Continue reading

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Sticky: My Styles and Moisture

One of the questions I get asked most often is how do I keep my hair moisturized. It’s all about sealing!  I like to seal my hair in … Continue reading

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Sticky: My Shampoos

My hair is thick, tightly coiled, and shrinks a lot, so I find that washing is faster and easier when I use an applicator bottle with a pointed … Continue reading

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My Conditioners

Co-washing is the main staple of my hair regimen. I only shampoo and clarify once a month so I depend on conditioners for the vast majority of my … Continue reading

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Sticky: My Hair Journey

My hair journey was just that… a journey. Being in the fashion industry and constantly in front of cameras added even more pressure. It wasn’t always easy, but … Continue reading

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Sticky: My Hair Routine

I have thick, tightly coiled, cottony hair that shrinks to the max and does not really curl or shine. Type 4C  I would say.  Although my strands have … Continue reading

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