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Spring Trend: Two-Tone Eyeshadow

Spring is officially here and this time of year usually inspires us to go for a pop of color when choosing our wardrobe, hair color or makeup look. … Continue reading

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Ledisi Lets Down Her Locs & Shows Us a Different Side

I was a fan of Ledisi’s voice and talent before I even knew what she looked like or learned how to properly pronounce her name. (I’m from the … Continue reading

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The Many Benefits Of Face Oils

Do you use oil on your face? If the idea seems a little off-putting, you’re not alone. There are countless beauty products that boast about being oil-free. So … Continue reading

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Easy & All-Natural Ways To Improve Skin

The appearance of our skin can be affected by many things: lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep, etc. Extreme weather also has a huge impact. During winter our faces … Continue reading

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DIY Moisturizing Mask For Both Hair & Face

Everyone loves a sure thing. You know, that dress that always makes you look good or the product that always gives you great results. Some things just work … Continue reading

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The Photoshop & Filter War On Brown Skin

It’s a classic case of actions speaking louder than words. What good are the self-esteem boosting mantras we hear all the time like, “Black is beautiful” or “Black … Continue reading

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Why Do People Love To Hate Makeup?

Makeup plays a major role in the everyday lives of most women. Some ladies prefer for their makeup to look barely there, while others love the drama of … Continue reading

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5 Ingredients To Avoid In Your Hair And Skin Products

It wasn’t until I went natural that I discovered the importance of reading ingredient list. There are millions of skin and hair products on the market and with … Continue reading

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