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New Dark and Lovely Anti-Breakage Commercial

I recently shot a commercial for the new Anti-Breakage product line by Dark and Lovely Au Naturale. Many natural newbies are obsessed with exploring different hairstyles, but this … Continue reading

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Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Event

At Dark and Lovely’s recent Love My Curls event, I was surrounded by a sea of natural beauties and curls of all types. It was awesome! The Au … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson

Black Box

Over the course of this week (and last week) I’m filming for a show called Black Box on ABC. I play the role of Kidada, a model who’s … Continue reading

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My New Interview In The Examiner

I love my hometown and I think they just might love me back. During my recent visit home I had the honor of doing a radio and newspaper … Continue reading

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New Year, New Attitude, Same Me

There’s something so promising about the start of a new year. It’s full of hope and potential. Armed with the life lessons we learned from last year and … Continue reading

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Is This Hair For Play or To Stay?

I recently did a hair change just for fun, nothing drastic or permanent. Just a lil something’ different to spice it up for my birthday. I still wanted … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson

My Birthday!

Wondering what’s up with my unexplained hiatus? Well, I hope you’ll be pleased to know that my absence has been in relation to all good things. In addition … Continue reading

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You Love Me and I love You For It

You know, being a model is an oddly interesting career. Most people would argue that we don’t have any obvious talent and although we are fortunate enough to … Continue reading

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Ready For My Close Up

I say it often, I love my job. Modeling has opened doors to places I never thought I would see. But as much as I love my career, … Continue reading

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On set with my stand-in/ body double

Dark and Lovely (Paris)

  Paris is one of my favorite places in the world so last week was quite nice because not only did I get to hang out in one … Continue reading

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