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Spring Trend: Two-Tone Eyeshadow

Spring is officially here and this time of year usually inspires us to go for a pop of color when choosing our wardrobe, hair color or makeup look. … Continue reading

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Ledisi Lets Down Her Locs & Shows Us a Different Side

I was a fan of Ledisi’s voice and talent before I even knew what she looked like or learned how to properly pronounce her name. (I’m from the … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson

The Many Benefits Of Face Oils

Do you use oil on your face? If the idea seems a little off-putting, you’re not alone. There are countless beauty products that boast about being oil-free. So … Continue reading

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Easy & All-Natural Ways To Improve Skin

The appearance of our skin can be affected by many things: lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep, etc. Extreme weather also has a huge impact. During winter our faces … Continue reading

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DIY Moisturizing Mask For Both Hair & Face

Everyone loves a sure thing. You know, that dress that always makes you look good or the product that always gives you great results. Some things just work … Continue reading

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The Photoshop & Filter War On Brown Skin

It’s a classic case of actions speaking louder than words. What good are the self-esteem boosting mantras we hear all the time like, “Black is beautiful” or “Black … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson

Why Do People Love To Hate Makeup?

Makeup plays a major role in the everyday lives of most women. Some ladies prefer for their makeup to look barely there, while others love the drama of … Continue reading

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5 Ingredients To Avoid In Your Hair And Skin Products

It wasn’t until I went natural that I discovered the importance of reading ingredient list. There are millions of skin and hair products on the market and with … Continue reading

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Dark Skin Red Lip Project

It’s amazing how powerful words are. Movements and conversations that reach around the world are now started with 150 characters or less. In the past week, Twitter has … Continue reading

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What are BB Creams? Do They Work for Dark Skin?

I’m sure you’ve noticed the beauty industry’s obsession with BB creams. You can’t walk down the makeup isle at a store or even turn on your television without … Continue reading

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