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Easy Ways to Prevent Your Hair From Getting Tangled

We all know that curly hair, long hair and extension hair tangles easily. When left to its own devices, my natural hair loves to shrink, wrap and twist itself … Continue reading

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Why Cold Weather = Bad News For Hair and Skin

It’s frigid outside. Like, almost too frigid to cope. No matter where you live, chances are you will feel single digits or below if you dare brave the … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson

No Poo? No Problem! Natural Ways To Clean Natural Hair

We all want clean hair but unfortunately, not all cleansers are not created equal. Shampoos can be drying because they strip the hair and scalp of natural oils … Continue reading

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Why The L.O.C Moisturizing Method Works

For many of us with natural hair keeping it moisturized is half the battle. When natural hair becomes dry it snaps and breaks easily making it difficult to … Continue reading

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The Single Strand Knot Struggle

One thing every curly girl and natural chica have in common is our struggle with single strand knots. Sometimes they appear on the end of your hair strands. … Continue reading

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Erica Moreira

Are Sulfates As Bad For Hair As We Thought?

We curly girls have been taught to avoid sulfates like an annoying ex. Why? Both personal experience and advice from naturals in the know tell us that shampoos … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson

Oil Rinsing 101

Dry hair is a big problem for many naturals. To combat its effects some of us no-poo, pre-poo, co-wash or deep condition our hair often. But another option … Continue reading

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Broke? Get Amazing Hair On A Budget

Natural hair is more mainstream than ever, so it’s no surprise that the natural hair product industry has turned into a multi-million dollar money making machine. While it’s … Continue reading

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Should Your Hair Change With The Seasons?

Summer is coming to an end and the weather is quickly starting to change. Changing weather can make a naturalista wonder if she should change her hair too. … Continue reading

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How The Moon Affects Hair Growth

Humans have been in awe of the Sun and Moon since the beginning of time. The Sun has the ability to provide warmth, light and life. The Moon … Continue reading

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