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Easy Ways to Prevent Your Hair From Getting Tangled

We all know that curly hair, long hair and extension hair tangles easily. When left to its own devices, my natural hair loves to shrink, wrap and twist itself … Continue reading

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Minzöl/ mint oil

Peppermint Pleasure Hair Mask (Perfect for the Holidays)

December seems like the perfect month for all things peppermint and candy cane related, even hair mask! Although the holiday season is my inspiration for this post, peppermint … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson

Say Hello To The Perfect Holiday Hairstyle

‘Tis the season for all things holiday oriented: office parties, holiday gatherings, Christmas dinners and nights out on the town. Sure, cold weather requires giving natural hair some … Continue reading

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Steam-The Healthy Way to Straighten Natural Hair?

Is there anything natural hair can’t do? Of course not! Just look at the everyday natural hair stars on YouTube. I’m always finding cool videos sharing maintenance tips … Continue reading

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Starting Locs? You’ve Got Options

You enjoy rocking your natural hair and lately you’ve found yourself feeling more and more drawn to the idea of starting locs. Besides spending an ample amount of … Continue reading

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Finger coils

How-To: Finger Coils On Short Natural Hair

Got short natural hair? It’s more versatile than you think. Technically a TWA is an afro that’s too short to style. But even when your hair has grown … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson
Hot Oil Hair Treatment 4

Customize Your Hot Oil Treatment

Protective styling isn’t my thing. I wear my hair loose a lot which means an increased chance of tangles and damage from environmental stressors. When the weather starts … Continue reading

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No Heat Ocean Waves

I’ll admit it, I don’t experiment with different hairstyles that often. So I live vicariously through my favorite natural hair vloggers on YouTube. I’m always looking at videos … Continue reading

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Why The L.O.C Moisturizing Method Works

For many of us with natural hair keeping it moisturized is half the battle. When natural hair becomes dry it snaps and breaks easily making it difficult to … Continue reading

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How To Perfect Your Pineapple Method

There are many ways to stretch natural hair without using heat. Different methods work better for different types of hair. Those of us with an abundance of kinks … Continue reading

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