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Haute Hightop

The high top fade – Anybody who’s lived long enough or watched “House Party” knows it was the official hairstyle of all 90′s fly guys. Now, women are … Continue reading

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Say Hello To The Perfect Holiday Hairstyle

‘Tis the season for all things holiday oriented: office parties, holiday gatherings, Christmas dinners and nights out on the town. Sure, cold weather requires giving natural hair some … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson

Steam-The Healthy Way to Straighten Natural Hair?

Is there anything natural hair can’t do? Of course not! Just look at the everyday natural hair stars on YouTube. I’m always finding cool videos sharing maintenance tips … Continue reading

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Starting Locs? You’ve Got Options

You enjoy rocking your natural hair and lately you’ve found yourself feeling more and more drawn to the idea of starting locs. Besides spending an ample amount of … Continue reading

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Natural Hair vs. The Work Place vs. The World

You would think that going natural, having natural hair and accepting yourself as you were made would be one of the easiest and most liberating things in the … Continue reading

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No Heat Ocean Waves

I’ll admit it, I don’t experiment with different hairstyles that often. So I live vicariously through my favorite natural hair vloggers on YouTube. I’m always looking at videos … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson

Barrel Bun Up-do Tutorial

I always admire locs that are well maintained or uniquely styled. It doesn’t matter what size or length they are, I can’t help but notice when someone rocks … Continue reading

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11 Hair Accessories I’m Obsessed With

I love unique handmade accessories. One of my guilty pleasures is “window shopping” for hair accessories on whenever I’m bored. I call it window shopping because I … Continue reading

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Back to School Hairstyles

It’s that time of year again! Depending on where you live, you or the kids in your life have probably just started a new school year. While more … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Not…Wear Weaves?

Should your faith or religious beliefs be judged by your hairstyle? Pastor A.J. Aamir, founder of Resurrecting Faith church in Waco, Texas, recently instructed his female staff and administrators to stop wearing … Continue reading

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