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Styling Transitioning Hair

Styling transitioning hair can be difficult because you can’t approach it the same way as relaxed hair. You now have two different textures of hair on your head … Continue reading

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Do You Know Your Conditioners?

    We all know curly hair is dry. Since dry hair is more susceptible to breakage it’s important to keep your strands properly conditioned. Do you know your … Continue reading

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Hair Recipe: Essential oil blend for hair loss

Ingredients Thyme essential oil – 2 drops Atlas cedarwood essential oil – 2 drops Lavender essential oil – 3 drops Rosemary essential oil- 3 drops Jojoba oil – … Continue reading

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Commonly Used Words/Terms

2nd, 3rd, 4th day hair – Refers to the number of days since you last styled your hair.  If you styled your hair yesterday, today you have 2nd … Continue reading

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