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Relaxed Girl Shade

Last night I was blog surfing and came across a really interesting article on Madame Noire entitled “Everybody Thinks You Hate Yourself And 6 Other Relaxed Girl Problems.” … Continue reading

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lovely locs

Maintaining Beautiful Locs

There’s something striking about a woman with a head of healthy, gorgeous locs. If hair is a woman’s crown and glory, the loc’d ladies have crowned themselves in … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson

Solange Steps Down As Spokeswoman for Carol’s Daughter Hair Products

The natural community has been quick to champion Solange Knowles for doing the big chop and going natural. But Solange has made it clear that she doesn’t want … Continue reading

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Leela James Talks About Her “Lazy” Hair Evolution

Not only does Leela James have a beautiful voice, she has some beautiful hair as well! She always looks effortlessly chic with her signature big, natural hair. As … Continue reading

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Get To Know Your Hair

Part of being natural is getting to know your hair and it’s needs, but how can you possibly predict what products or techniques will work on your hair? … Continue reading

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LOIS Hair Typing System

The LOIS hair typing system is gaining increasing popularity among naturals. Many women feel Mr. Walker’s system is limited and categorized type 4 hair as being undesirable. The … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson

Hair Types

There are many hair typing systems but the one you will run into the most often was created by Andre Walker, the award winning hair stylist associated with … Continue reading

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Find Your Strand and Texture

Find Your Strand Size A strand of frayed thread is about the thickness of a medium sized strand of human hair. If your strand is larger than this, … Continue reading

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