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Tifani Jai

Meet Tifani, a hairstylist from Louisiana that loves all things fashion and hair. Although she creates a multitude of looks for her clients, this naturalista rocks her own hair in … Continue reading

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Tiffany – Pretty Genius

Meet Tiffany – A self confessed “nerd.” Not only does she hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Dartmouth College, she also has a Master’s of Sociology from Emory University. … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson

An Interview With Ariel Meredith

Meet Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Ariel Meredith. Originally from Louisiana, this leggy beauty has done it all from walking the runways of New York, Milan and Paris to … Continue reading

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with my TWA in Jamaica


My name is Noella. I am a 100% Jamaican woman who now calls Switzerland home. I have been natural since 2003. Like most Jamaican girls, growing up we … Continue reading

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Aja 4

Aja, A Natural Beauty

Tell us a little about yourself. Well, my name is Aja and I am a hardcore Jesus freak! Totally sold out for Him all the way! Amen!!! I … Continue reading

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Meet Katiana

Meet my friend Katiana. She’s one of the healthiest people I know. It’s funny how things go full circle because she often tells me I was part of her inspiration for going natural but when my hair became damaged from heat styling and I had to BC again, she was the one who inspired me because her hair was so healthy. It reminded me of what my hair’s potential and it gave me the motivation to BC again and grow out the halo I missed so much. Thanks Kat! Check out her interview below. Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson

Tyra Nicole D.

Meet Tyra.  She’s the amazing and talented graphic designer that helped me turn my vision for Hollistics into reality.  Not only is she professional, patient and kind, she’s … Continue reading

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